Thursday, March 21, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show

 So about two weeks ago (yes I know at least I am increasing the speed lol) I indulged in the Philadelphia Flower Show with my father who works for the Department of Agriculture and my boyfriend who just came along for the ride. This year theme was LONDON and if you know me you know I have an obsession with that beautiful city! That is one of the few international locations I would consider relocating too! 

However, myself and my father felt a little disappointed.

The first time I went was two years ago and it was a Paris theme and it was outstanding! They incorporated flowers in just about anything even fashion design! Some fashion design were even students from my school! This year although the designs, concepts and executions were beautiful and amazing. There was no pizazz, no wow factor, no breathlessness, no leaving there feeling astonished. It was just good. And Nice. And Pretty. I also felt this year they had wayyy more vendors which took away from the space and more options and opportunities. 

I know the British love clean cut gardens with minimum color, but they were honoring and supposed to be depicting culture from The Beatles. They could have pushed the envelope more in my opinion. Here are the images I took so you can judge for yourself. I do apologize for the quality I used my iPhone instead of my camera.

Clean. Pretty.

Who doesn't like a random smiley? 

That was water and fog. I thought this was really beautiful and creative!

Just have to enjoy the sign!

Could have done more, but would make a wonderful window display

This was my absolute favorite! I am obsessed with the story of Alice and Wonderland! 

Table of Royalty. 

So what do you guys think? There are more images if you google the Philadelphia Fashion Show if you need more for an opinion.

SOOO as i was driving home on my way to start Spring Break I got a lovely surprising phone call. I had went on an interview on Tuesday for an internship management position at Nordstrom at the one near my house in New York. It was  pretty interesting because they had it set up in a panel for the first part which I was unaware of and to be quite honest was a tad intimidated lol. Then the second part was a selling aspect where I went on the sales floor with one of the managers and they had me pick a piece of article out from the department we were in and sell it to her. I wasn’t too sure how I handled the panel part because I was a little nervous with the way it was set up. But during the sell part when I gave my first spiel/answered the first question she said I answered the next three so that gave me a confidence boost. Then at the very end she left with hope to see you in the summer. Now I was hopeful but not ensured because anything could happen and what you think your confident in turns out to be the opposite. BUTTTT to my surprise 3 days later they called and offered me a position! Not only did it make me happy to have Nordstrom as my FIRST break after graduation but that I will also get to be home!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

About two-three weeks ago I got to indulge in the creative madness of the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention. It was ahmazinngg to me! So many dope people, designs, art work, and tattoos all under one place! Everything was screaming unique, individual, original, and brilliant! This is definitely a strong culture aspect I can relate too and enjoy! I gained soo many new ideas, met some interesting people, got some new spots and artists, discovered new designs and got my 5th tattoo! Whats really funny is I really can NOT tolerate that pain but it is so addictive and I am now re-obsessed ! To top it all off I got to meet Dutchess and Cesar from Black Ink Crew! Can you say I was HYPE!?

Beautiful  Colors
Believe it or not... this is my old supervisor.. at my admissions job.. ON CAMPUS!

One of my dolls getting her Hawain Flowers

Colors just always intrigue me
They even had a small section for Piercings that was still packing!

Old Supervisor featuring in the Freak Show. HAVE to Love her!

This magazine was EVERYTHING!

She was too pretty too me! And I loved her tats!

Finished piece!

This was my top three favorite pieces I saw !

The Wife getting her tat!

Dutchess so dope shee got a denim vest OF HERSELF!

Brooklyn and Harlem Tat Artists!
Me and Dutchess! She is just too dope and fly for me!

Cesar! Calm Cute and Collective

Getting ready for the quickest tattoo pain of my life. Literally 10 minutes
Wifes finished piece!

My finished piece. Tat #5 Inspire Infinitely dedicated to my Freddy 5.28 R.I.P

Stealing her tat for my next tat idea! 

Can't wait for Friday going back to the Convention Center for the London theme Flower Show


Ok  soooooo its been about 5 months and I am theeee worst blogger ever I KNOW I KNOW! Just a lot of a lot and not enough of enough. BUT I am back and I am going to TRYYY to keep this updated. Especially with new life journeys I am going to be taking on, and I will need the help of my viewers and followers with some of that! 

But low and be hold here are the updates and images of my life for those past months in a nutshell..

  • I graduate on May 11th WOOOOOO!! 
  • I am going to stop saying woo. WOOO! 
  • I worked Full Time at my summer internship at the Event Production Company during Winter Break
  • I was still offered the Full Time position after graduation to fall back on 
  • I FINALLY got my Michael Kors Bag 
  • I FINALLY got my car. Gigi Lola and we already doing damage ;) 
  • I saw Alvin Ailey on Broadway and Kevin Hart in Philadelphia 
  • I FINALLY turned 21 no more fake ids and straight legal madness! 
  • I saw Lion King on Broadway LOVED ITT
  • I am a GRAD student =) 
  • I am currently in many interviews about my next career step post graduation 
  • I am going to New Orleans for Spring Break in 6 days!! 
  • I got a texturizer and I lalalaloveeee my hair 
  • I am still in a happy relationship 
My Michael Kors Bag 
Gigi Lola =) 
My texturizer curls
New Years! 

Lion King ! 
My 21st !!

Valentines Day and my new Michael Kors Wallet

What are yall up too!? I miss you all!!