So "Welcome to the Doll House" is my title because it describes what you are entering.I go by the name of Monster Barbie on twitter and tumblr and sometimes just in life in general. SO if i go by barbie i have to live in a dollhouse. My dollhouse is not just any typical dollhouse because I am not just any typical girl, hence the Monster before the Barbie part. Too represent I may "eat your brains" but in a chic way. I am Sex and the City meets the busy retro streets. THE LINK TO MY BLOG IS LOVE-N-FIRE TO FURTHER GO INTO THE MONSTER BARBIE EFFECT. i CAN be Hot and COld its a blend of two different worlds fused into one, which is what I am as a Person (Antiguan and Italian). If you do not fully understand then that's good because you will hopefully take the time to at least try with watching my journey as a young woman elope to her future goals.

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Visual & Image Lover. Aspiring Public Relations / Event Coordinator. 
Urban, Retro, Thrift & Vintage Style 
Cultural Adventuresome Bold Real Honest 
Creative. Innovated . Dedicated. Motivated. Ambitious