Thursday, March 7, 2013


Ok  soooooo its been about 5 months and I am theeee worst blogger ever I KNOW I KNOW! Just a lot of a lot and not enough of enough. BUT I am back and I am going to TRYYY to keep this updated. Especially with new life journeys I am going to be taking on, and I will need the help of my viewers and followers with some of that! 

But low and be hold here are the updates and images of my life for those past months in a nutshell..

  • I graduate on May 11th WOOOOOO!! 
  • I am going to stop saying woo. WOOO! 
  • I worked Full Time at my summer internship at the Event Production Company during Winter Break
  • I was still offered the Full Time position after graduation to fall back on 
  • I FINALLY got my Michael Kors Bag 
  • I FINALLY got my car. Gigi Lola and we already doing damage ;) 
  • I saw Alvin Ailey on Broadway and Kevin Hart in Philadelphia 
  • I FINALLY turned 21 no more fake ids and straight legal madness! 
  • I saw Lion King on Broadway LOVED ITT
  • I am a GRAD student =) 
  • I am currently in many interviews about my next career step post graduation 
  • I am going to New Orleans for Spring Break in 6 days!! 
  • I got a texturizer and I lalalaloveeee my hair 
  • I am still in a happy relationship 
My Michael Kors Bag 
Gigi Lola =) 
My texturizer curls
New Years! 

Lion King ! 
My 21st !!

Valentines Day and my new Michael Kors Wallet

What are yall up too!? I miss you all!!


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