Thursday, March 21, 2013

SOOO as i was driving home on my way to start Spring Break I got a lovely surprising phone call. I had went on an interview on Tuesday for an internship management position at Nordstrom at the one near my house in New York. It was  pretty interesting because they had it set up in a panel for the first part which I was unaware of and to be quite honest was a tad intimidated lol. Then the second part was a selling aspect where I went on the sales floor with one of the managers and they had me pick a piece of article out from the department we were in and sell it to her. I wasn’t too sure how I handled the panel part because I was a little nervous with the way it was set up. But during the sell part when I gave my first spiel/answered the first question she said I answered the next three so that gave me a confidence boost. Then at the very end she left with hope to see you in the summer. Now I was hopeful but not ensured because anything could happen and what you think your confident in turns out to be the opposite. BUTTTT to my surprise 3 days later they called and offered me a position! Not only did it make me happy to have Nordstrom as my FIRST break after graduation but that I will also get to be home!

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