Thursday, March 21, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show

 So about two weeks ago (yes I know at least I am increasing the speed lol) I indulged in the Philadelphia Flower Show with my father who works for the Department of Agriculture and my boyfriend who just came along for the ride. This year theme was LONDON and if you know me you know I have an obsession with that beautiful city! That is one of the few international locations I would consider relocating too! 

However, myself and my father felt a little disappointed.

The first time I went was two years ago and it was a Paris theme and it was outstanding! They incorporated flowers in just about anything even fashion design! Some fashion design were even students from my school! This year although the designs, concepts and executions were beautiful and amazing. There was no pizazz, no wow factor, no breathlessness, no leaving there feeling astonished. It was just good. And Nice. And Pretty. I also felt this year they had wayyy more vendors which took away from the space and more options and opportunities. 

I know the British love clean cut gardens with minimum color, but they were honoring and supposed to be depicting culture from The Beatles. They could have pushed the envelope more in my opinion. Here are the images I took so you can judge for yourself. I do apologize for the quality I used my iPhone instead of my camera.

Clean. Pretty.

Who doesn't like a random smiley? 

That was water and fog. I thought this was really beautiful and creative!

Just have to enjoy the sign!

Could have done more, but would make a wonderful window display

This was my absolute favorite! I am obsessed with the story of Alice and Wonderland! 

Table of Royalty. 

So what do you guys think? There are more images if you google the Philadelphia Fashion Show if you need more for an opinion.

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