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 Recently I decided I am going to start looking into becoming a Publicist as another Future Goal and possible Career Choice. In practicing to do so I have been doing Features on my Blog which you can see under the Features Labels before my Archives. On this page however will be my "Clientele" Page of those I represent, and my uprising ambition page will serve as a mini spotlights of those I support.My main goal in life is to represent the underground ambitious people. Who want to do something because it is truly and strictly their passion and skill and not just a craft, hobby or facade to get money or become famous.
Diandre Brown -  Casually known as Brown. Family and God always come first in my life because without them I would not be here today. After that my Life is simply Basketball and Writing. I believe I get my creativity from everyday life. I always  had a tendency to over-analyze any situation I get my self into and quickly realized I was different. I realized I had a gift, whenever I talk to myself I hear a rhythm and a rhyme, I take pride in playing with words, I want to make my listeners think and relate to my music as much as possible. I have been through alot in 22 years of my life. Dozens of fights, Handfuls of fake friends, Getting arressted, Running from cops, Stealing from retail stores, Getting kicked out of my house, arguing with my mother day in day out. I give my Life through my music, I truly believe I'm here to inspire others and show them that Dreams do come true, you just have to work hard to get to where you want to go. Since I've been making music I do look at things differently, I have noticed that I have alot in common with others, and there is alot of talented individuals on the planet. and I Pray that these Blessings/Gifts from God take us far. 
 Pat Kelly (Wildwood), Di Brown (Sickleville) Make up the Duo Gifted Minds, Two talented College students, Attending Stockton college. Our Logo represents us our talents/minds giving to you as a Gift, We believe that it is a sin to waste a talent and who are we to keep something this special a secret. The inspiration for our Album is simply that we are "So Gifted." as in we i mean all of the talented people that never get noticed .

I have done a feature on Brown already that I encourage you to look into. ( Link here) In his feature I have links to preview some of his music and his words. He is truly a dope individual with a hip hop culture style. Words that dont just make you bop your head but embark you on a journey that challenges your thoughts, and stimulates your mind. Gifted minds is a group of lyrically and musically inclined men who are trying to share their passion with those that are willing to hear the stories they can relate too, or not even think of. As well as provide us back to the days when we had actual good music.
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