Thursday, March 7, 2013

Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

About two-three weeks ago I got to indulge in the creative madness of the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention. It was ahmazinngg to me! So many dope people, designs, art work, and tattoos all under one place! Everything was screaming unique, individual, original, and brilliant! This is definitely a strong culture aspect I can relate too and enjoy! I gained soo many new ideas, met some interesting people, got some new spots and artists, discovered new designs and got my 5th tattoo! Whats really funny is I really can NOT tolerate that pain but it is so addictive and I am now re-obsessed ! To top it all off I got to meet Dutchess and Cesar from Black Ink Crew! Can you say I was HYPE!?

Beautiful  Colors
Believe it or not... this is my old supervisor.. at my admissions job.. ON CAMPUS!

One of my dolls getting her Hawain Flowers

Colors just always intrigue me
They even had a small section for Piercings that was still packing!

Old Supervisor featuring in the Freak Show. HAVE to Love her!

This magazine was EVERYTHING!

She was too pretty too me! And I loved her tats!

Finished piece!

This was my top three favorite pieces I saw !

The Wife getting her tat!

Dutchess so dope shee got a denim vest OF HERSELF!

Brooklyn and Harlem Tat Artists!
Me and Dutchess! She is just too dope and fly for me!

Cesar! Calm Cute and Collective

Getting ready for the quickest tattoo pain of my life. Literally 10 minutes
Wifes finished piece!

My finished piece. Tat #5 Inspire Infinitely dedicated to my Freddy 5.28 R.I.P

Stealing her tat for my next tat idea! 

Can't wait for Friday going back to the Convention Center for the London theme Flower Show

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