Monday, October 15, 2012


My life has been quite hectic right now! It is very rarely I do a life update but hey why not right? So I have been suffering the #SeniorYearProblems
  1. Being the brokest I have EVER been but yet have a job how does my money disappear before I get it!? After Howard Homecoming this weekend I thought I would be able to keep some of my money NOPE! Christmas and Spring Break Planning approaching.. yay. Saving like a mug smh. What's worse is my mother has been helping out which is the last thing I wanted her to do since I just got back from being abroad and still need my car and to finish this year and I have one more year of school / living
  2. M.B.A More money and loans to be put in my name as well as figuring out where I am going to be living!
  3. Then there is the work load. I do not understand how teachers can have classes for x amount of time during the week and then send us home to do 2x amount of work uhm when am i supposed to sleep shower and shxt on a regular? 
  4. Balancing not only a social life but a relationship. My social life already took a major hit due to the decrease to access of funds since they are always going somewhere, as well as work and transportation. Then there is my relationship which due to my stress and emotions has hit some lows and trying to figure how to maintain and support someone else while trying to maintain and support my sanity is work! Thankful I have someone who wants to and is willing too and won't let me quit but it is another factor since I did not necessarily want to be in a relationship during Senior Year because of that matter 
  5. What am I doing after college? Where am I going to live? How am I going to live? Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? How am I supposed to go about it and maintain it? 
I have just been feeling really indifferent about life and school. I suffer mini episodes of just not wanting to be bothered, mini depression and straight indifference attitude where I do not feel excited or happy about anything. Not that there is stuff to not feel happy about or feel sad about I am not failing and surprisingly I am doing well in my courses, I have my health, a happy relationship, new job, turning 21, finally going to do a spring break trip, yet sometimes I can not find myself to get or be happy and it bothers and scares me "/ #senioryearproblems

Franklin Fountain, Olde City

On a brighter note I am now a 
We started this week/weekend and I am kind of excited! My coworkers seem pretty cool thus far! A lot of them are in the Fashion, Art Field of Study at different schools and the managers are all fairly young which keep me hopeful and studied the same thing! 

We get an entire free outfit and dope discount which I am more than excited about!  

With working there and meeting Cooperate as well as District Manger of Store Experience made me look deeper into Club Monaco. I am more than intrigued and actually considering Club Monaco as a future career path for Marketing/PR! Follow them on Instagram, Pintrest and Tumblr! They have their own unique Culture Club as well as lifestyle and it is something I feel I can identify myself with and see myself progressing with! Who knows maybe I can take my future further!