Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Beyond Free Brand reached out to me not to long ago about possibly doing Public Relations, due to conflicting schedules we have not been able to link up yet but we kept in touch and up to date about progress and the brand. During the summer I received a lovely package of two beyond free brand tank and t-shirt. I immediately fell in love with my Just Love Me tee! I paired it with my boyfriends cargo and gave it two different urban retro edge looks! Here are my promo pics at Central Park! 



What is beyond free brand? 
BEYOND FREE BRAND is a clothing line that breaks down racial barriers with self expression t-shirts that relates to the people in the outside world. Being ourselves reflects our Brand.  

Where does the name come from / mean?  
BEYOND FREE BRAND stands for Liv Free. That is what we represent. We believe in having a FREE state of mind as well as a FREE state of being physically which we incorporate in our clothing.

Who and How Many are behind the brand? 
There Is two people behind BEYOND FREE BRAND. Zayda and J.R 
When did this begin and what started the idea? 
The idea for BEYOND FREE BRAND started fall 2010. the original name was LIV FREE CLOTHING, that spring we were told that similar name was used so we took the name a step beyond the original name and BEYOND FREE BRAND was created. After a year of waiting due to legal causes, BEYOND FREE BRAND was finally released July 4th 2012. The idea started simple because we felt there was a need in the way people expressed themselves and made t-shirts, with better concepts and meaning on a t-shirt that you can reflect on the way people wear it.

What are the future plans and goals?
 Future goals with the brand is to inform people what we are about and what we represent. We want to stress the importance it is to try to be free mentally from whatever problems you were trapped into in your past that will put you into a better place in life mentally. Your mind has an effect in your behavior and your physical actions, and we want to stand for more than a t-shirt line and more of a lifestyle. With that being said, we are just getting started and have so much more to offer near future.

Who does beyond free represent on the  consumer end? 
BEYOND FREE on the consumer end represents opportunity. It gives hope that you do not have to stay in your situation, that there is a life beyond what you see around your current surroundings, you can be at a better place mentally to actually enjoy life. 

Where can we find it? 
You can find BEYOND FREE BRAND on Facebook, Instagram, Twiiter, Tumblr, and YouTube. Just Type in Beyond Free Brand in one of these sites or Google us

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