Friday, October 12, 2012


Now I was more than excited to get my little patotey in a thrift store it literally feels like forever since I have found goodies in a thrift store...or spent any time really in one in a while! I jumped at the invitation .. well sort of statement from my old roommate stating she needed new sweaters aka time to assist her in thrifting. We went to our local Salvation Army in Roxborough an hour before closing, I did not think it would be enough time to snag some goods but BOY was I wrong! 
Lookie here! 
High waist Levi $4.99!1 I love me some Levi's! I only have 2 Levis that I bought full price and now I am up to 5 on thrift! I would keep these regular but the bottomlegs flare and are big so this is going to be a D.I.Y highwaist shorts piece! 

My highwaist cargos! Another snag deal! I believe I might have found these in the men section which makes me super hype! Again my short figure makes these high waist which I am extra excited for as well! $5.99
Another snag pair of Levi's $7.99 I was super excited to find these bad boys in gray, since my last gray pair of jeans ripped from excessive wear =(
These were debatable.. because of my size they come highwaisted and they are very transparent so I was scared they would be see through but they're not but I was talked into buying them since I told I was able to pull them off because I'm "me" sooo lets see how that works I have an idea in mind I hope it comes out right! Ill be sure to do some outfit posts!

$3.99 Comfy bill cosby sweater
See now these werent thrifted but I got these for a steal! Highwaisted shorts $10 and Jeremy Scotts $110! I'm excited for this outfit (s) posts!

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