Sunday, May 27, 2012


While abroad I enjoyed the pleasure of reading the book Eat Pray Love that my Travel Writing teacher ever so kindly let me keep. I  saw the movie but I must admit the book was soo much better and had soo many more stricking points and food for thoughts. I also could relate so much since she was in Italy for four months, as was I. So I had the eat part down! haha 

Here are the Food for thought points that stuck out to me in this book
I'll do one segment a week since it is alot I took from this hefty book which i THOROUGHLY PROMOTE READING!

  • Ciao- derives from the an abbreviation of a phrase used by medieval Venetians as an intimate salutation : Sono il suo schiavo meaning I am your slave   
    • Not anything of personal importance just something i found merely interesting especially since we learned ciao means hey and bye. Interesting that I am your slave translated into this ... 
  • Art of pleasure in Italy 
    •  When you go to a restaurant in America they always give you the bill without you asking, in Italy you can sit for as LONG as you want until YOU ask for it, drinking age is basically non existent because of all one reason enjoying ones time. Italians are so laissez faire and into the pleasure and enjoyment of life and one's company unlike Americans. It was really nice to finally enjoy the simple time of time 
  • Voyage of self discovery 
    • People ask what is so grand about studying abroad? Besides ummm abroad there is sort of finding yourself and self reflection as well as working on one as an individual you figure your fears your goals plans and reasonings. And yes I had mine as well
  •  “What if we acknowledge that we have a bad relationship, and we stuck it out anyway? What if we admitted that we make each other nuts, we fight constantly and hardly ever have sex, but we can’t live without each other, so we deal with it? And then we could spend our lives together- in misery, but happy to not be apart” 
    • This quote was said by her basically rebound relationship with David.This quote smacked me dead in my heart and face! This is honestly how I felt with my ex of 5 years but never knew how to figure it out. The love we had for each other was the only underlying reason why we were trying to work it out when we both knew the painful truth that it was over and basically with what David has said too. Which is probably true with many others too.. many of us rather settle with our misery to keep the one we want instead of being strong and finding happiness standing on your own or possibly having another who could make you genuinely happy
  • And the question now for me is, What are my choices to be? What do I believe that I deserve in this life? Where can I accept sacrifice, and where can I not?
    • Not even just relationship wise but also relationship wise this is a question I believe we all should and need to be asking ourselves at alot of situations and moments in our lives where we have to really think is this really worth whatever the sacrifice may be and what are you retaining in return? 
  • Instead of learning a language in a classroom she drops out and wander around Italy where you could practice with people in person
    •  This is SERIOUSLY the only way to learn and practice a language and obtain the information! Throw yourself in the wild!  
  • Venice- stinky slow sinking mysterious silent weird city, wonderful city In which to die a slow and alcoholic death or to lose a loved one or to lose the murder weapon with which the loved one was lost in the first place Venice is beautiful but like a Bergman movie is beautiful you can admire it but you don’t really want to live in it  Science fair experiment hey what if we built a city that sits in water all the time? 
    •    No but like seriously. Who ever thought that idea was cool? One weekend was enough for me people actually LIVE like this, I mean like hello?
  • Rome- really love the place but  somehow knew it was not my city not where id end up living for the rest of my life there was something about rome that didn’t belong to me and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was   
    • This is how I felt being in Rome. I REALLY love the place and see me returning but maybe it was the millions of ruins on ever err block? The lack of diversity and urban style and lifestyle that is whats holding me back.. I do not know but it wasnt the IT factor... maybe also because they are sooo behind with the times...
  • Romans felt the War in Iraq they did not die for freedom they died for George Bush’s personal vendetta
  • Nobody and nothing in this world can be trusted because the world is so corrupted misspoken unstable exaggerated and unfair one should trust only what one can experience with one’s own sense and this makes the senses stronger in Italy than anywhere in Europe 
    • This quote was on the Italians take on the Mafia. Which does make sense especially since Mafia has the same effect in America, and well anywhere in the world that has government and money and power and people..
  • In a world of disorder and disaster and fraud sometimes only beauty can be trusted. Only artistic excellence is incorruptible Pleasure cannot be bargained down and sometimes the meal is the only currency that is real  
    • Plays back on the art of pleasure.. and why they cook so amazing! It is a trait america needs to pick up on more and maybe we wont have another recession and actually might live longer and oh i dont know stop killing each other. It all starts with a hot meal in the house..    

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