Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roots Picnic

So last weekend I had the pleasure of being backstage during the Roots Picnic thanks to my lovely Pepper to my Salt @Sheshe_91 whom I learned became a Reebok Brand Ambassador! So proud of her and the moves shes been making! Backstage was pretty dope, I got to meet the artist, chill in their trailers as she 'worked' and promoted Reebok, paint on the Roots Mural Project, eat catered food, abundance of free smart and vitamin water, admire the dope style and outfits, catch contact from everyoneess blunts, free beer, front row, on stage privileges, it was all around dopeness! This was my first time finally deciding to go, and what a cool experience! Next year depending on the line up I might just want to stay in crowd and be zooted out my mind enjoying the good music and live crowd. It was also kind of funny to see numerous amount of people I knew in the event enjoying themselves and backstage working it. Shows Philly's true talent and unfortunately how small it is smh. 
Saddest Part was 
  1. Camera died so I snagged limited pictures 
  2. Kid Cudi was the reason I went andof course my luck third time i missed out on seeing him since his jet crashed and he didn't show ='( met his drummer and his entourage though.. i guess lol
Roots Mural Project


Major Lazer and the girls twerking on stage!

Quick flicks of some stylish people


  1. Wish I'd had attend. Thanks for sharing!


    Soraya, FWB

  2. No probs! Go next year! seriously! amazing time!!