Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Some sites I saw in Milano, Italia! Aka Fashion Capital! 
Now Milan I thought would be a dream.. but its not.. very district business-y 
Style is definitely there  but prip and proper due to ofc all the Labels and the Flagship stores 
However I would love to do business there, shop, or even Fashion Shows I know they would be phenom! 
Milan is like the city of the designers and design def a Fashion Lover Must see but for everyone else its a pass
The Duomo , my favorite one thus far, main tourist attraction

The indoor shopping mall

Fashion Books!! En Italiano!

Catherine <3 Milano <3 Chanel


Loved the graphic!

Dope concept.. def didnt get it at first LOL .. so basically you WEIGH your clothes and type the number on the sticker and then it gives you a price and if your WILLING to pay you pay or make a best offer something along those lines and its all designer.

Dope ass bag! Go D&G! 

5 Floors of Versace! 

Learned about these ^^ in Barcelona 
Apparently this artist plants avatars in different cities ... usually on the wall but Milan they were on the ground on one section of 2 streets 
Pretty cool