Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Now London was probably my favorite shopping location and city that we have visited even over Paris and Milan! I even loved the style there the most too! It had a blend of every kind and reminded me of Nyc.. but dare I say it BETTER! They still had luxury brands but then they had independent boutiques and street urban style and a LOT of it! My favorite was Canarby Street then Oxford Street and I did not even get to go the Ponte Flea Market type street. Some window displays were horrible and even incomplete but yet some other visual merchandise and outfits were amazing! Here are all my snap shots before I got caught! Haha and also some random creeper photos of peoples outfits I really liked. Yes I am that girl and I am proud do not expect to be in my presence with a dope outfit and me not to document it! lol And sorry a lot of pics will be out of order blame my damn computer jumbling the order !

Funny Story about Johnny Cupcakes...We learned about him in Principles of Marketing class during CEO presentations... good thing I payed attention and was interested that day! ...Low and Behold we stumble across his store... and guess what he was actually THERE! So I got to meet Johnny AND his Parents who were on skype during their anniversary in Bermuda! If you do not know his story or style read up on it probably one of the dopest inspiring stories I have EVER heard!



Part of his story..

The cutest shoe stores I have seen!

Do you guys remember these cartoons?! They used to be my favorite!!

I think shawty might have saw me whoops! lol
Thought this concept was really cool might just do it for my own room =)


Check out dude with the duffle though!

A whole store?! Love! 
Dopest Shop in London! They apparently get all the good stuff and MATERIAL then we do so NYC is getting jipped and the style they get so different as well!!

Balloons?! Balloons!!
I was trying to eavesdrop but I am pretty sure she probably got stopped for how fly she is

Check the turban!!

Street of Dopeness
Hair salon IN topshop

More glorious shoes!!

^^^ Topshop

Could not afford any shoes in this Irregular Choice store but they have one in NYC!! =)

More topshop

Some more cute dope shops

Swag surfing on the couch 

Quick stalker pic

Mannequins are flyer than me smh

FOREVER 21 IN LONDON!! .. That was better too smh

British Flag Chucks.. want.


Ending with 3 different kind of fly ladies in Pari! 
If you are ever in London check out these spots its a MUST!

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