Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So I went to Milan for Sat-Sunday (since it only really needs a day), and I TOLD myself I wouldn't shop (me with the shopping problem? Now THATS a laugh!) and I did good..UNTIL! lol I have to commend my own self though because I did not shop CRAZY just grabbed some things (few things) that I could not leave behind! 
Ran into this store called Extraordinary and everything in there was just that! There pricing was a little weird however, some things that should not have been high priced were and some other things were not I mean it was cool I guess lol 
Skirt- 22$
Bandeau - 3
Earrings- 5 
Necklace- 10

Then H&M right?! BOMB SALE! 
I have been eyeing these wedges since the SUMMER never had my size and was too much 10 EUROS?! Oh yes I skipped out of that store! And these High Waist Shorts for 10 Euros as well! They had so many other goodies for 10 but I just could not lol

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