Monday, January 30, 2012


 Say Hello to my little friends.. lol jk but no really 
Check out two of my beauties on a regular Tuesday in Rome. 
This day we went on a field trip to the Ancient Roman Baths with our Living in Rome Class. 
Both of their outfits were #dopecitystamped by me of course.. and I just figured why not share it with everyone 
I know I need to start profiling Italians and catching there outfits.. but this whole we do not speak the same language, and they are kind of rude, and sometimes intimidate me thing has to go first. 
But since our first month here is coming to an end it is literally now or never lol
Kira or Kiry =) 
Very urban outfitters chic look 
Denim shirt as over jacket, tan sweater, Zara pants, Riding Boots, Reading glasses and Shoulder purse was purchased here in Rome as well as her tiffany blue watch which is not shown here =( 
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Say hello to Cara =)   
Looking very bohemian chic
Striped sweater, Fur wrap vest, Leggings and Moccasins 
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