Monday, January 30, 2012

More Roman Finds

 Part Two of some more Roman Finds..
Vest and Black Stretch Jeggings with Zippers Zara. 
Vest- 20 Euros
Jeggings- 15 Euros

Blue Jeans - 15 Euros 
Denim Shorts- 10 Euros 
Zipper Leggings- 25 Euros 
Also from Zara .. my new favorite store. Apparently I can afford it more in Europe than America smh

A cute store called ProMod $7 Euros
Alot of there stuff was very Mod, with the prints and cuts and detailing. They had an amazing Sailor Collection as well
Taba.. a cute store I pass on the way to school I decided to walk in one night
Necklace - 10 Euros
Earrings- 3 Euros 
Bracelets - 5 Euros

Color Blocking

 We have this epic Flea Market in Trastevere every Sunday from 6:30am- 2pm and it is probably a mile or so long. The deals are more than amazing, the goods are unique and amazing. The earlier you go the better the deals and first dibs you get. But you can also bargain with them. But with some of the prices why bother?
The next time I go I will take pictures of the stands and all the goods. It ranged from intimates, furs for 40 euros, track jackets, leather goods, shoes, boots, heels, purses, bags, bookbags, Roxy bookbags, Fabric, Jewels, Jewelry, Accessories, Scarves, Gloves, Food, Spices, Luggages , Motorcycle Helmets, Electronics, Hair dryers, hair straighteners, dvds, cds, wii games and the list goes on. Anything you could possibly think of is being sold there. 

Sweater Top 1 Euro 
Wristlet 15 Euros
Funny story with the wristlet I was looking at bangles then walked around to look at everything I asked prices of the bangles and he said he would give me a deal at anything I wanted. Cool. So he had a partner I look at something else closer to his partner, his partner asked if I was Egyptian and looked confused when I told him I have absolutely no Egyptian background. I was a little annoyed. So my friend was buying bangles and the ones he told me were 3 Euros he was selling for 5 Euros so I told him thats not what he told me, and he is not going to rip her off. He proceeded to explain that they are all different prices and he was giving her a deal ok whatever. So I ask for the wristlet and he tells me 20 so I debate it because the bag and the little wallet of the same brand and type were 20 so I did not see nor understand the concept. He persistently tried to give me other deals like throwing in a bangle, or giving me an "Indian Bag" for a deal with it. I told him kindly I did not want any of those things I just want the wristlet but not for the price. He caved and gave it for 15 Euros and said he respected me and he is educated too. Which I had no idea what that even meant lol. But that is just an example of what goes on with these vendors and how hard they go to make a sale.

Cardigan for my best male friend. 5 Euros

Snagged a great deal got these glasses 3 Euros each. I will be back to buy yet another set of 4 until I have every color. They sell them in the city for 10 euros each, and other vendors had them for 5 and 4. Also this necklace for 2 Euros. I also got a pink hearts bracelet for 1 Euro and 3 Vneck shirts (black, gray and white) for 5 euros as well as black sweat panks for 5 Euros, boxers for 2 euros and cleaning stuff for a Euro. So it was really a good day and sales.

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