Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am MOREEE THANN OVERRDUEEE to you lovelies and my beauty! =(
All in All I wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope yours was simply divine! What did you guys do?! 

Wow I can not believe how FAST 2011 flew by! Seriously it is almost a blur to me how quick it went! It was definitely one for the books though! A lot of memorable moments occurred in this year and it probably was one of the hardest years I had to go through.. academically, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  School was close to kicking my butt, lost a high school class mate to cancer, ended a five year relationship, started a new relationship, worked two jobs with the school ( Rambassador and my first time as a Peer Mentor for Fashion Merchandising Freshman) , take 18 credits ( 6 courses), President of the Step Team, and get promoted up to President for our BRAG chapter on campus when the former President decided to resign and step down. It was clearly a hectic year but one that shall never be forgotten!

I took the New Years in making about 5 different house stops! It was quite the running around but worth it. Was able to end and bring in the new year with those I hold near and dear to me. I also received my first New Years Eve kiss by my boyfriend which was the cutest thing! (He also got me a build a bear earlier that day which we named Kobbe Bear) .

I wish all of you good fortune during this year!
I hate the “new year new me” quote because it is the same you in a new year. However, it could be an improved you, a better you, a certain goal that will be you for this year. It is a time to reflect back on everything from the past year, what you want to continue, change, gain or lose. It is a change to give yourself 365.4 and this year 366 days to mark significant memories and opportunities! So Start living 2012!!

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