Thursday, January 12, 2012

Roman Holiday 20th Birthday!

So January 9th was my 20th Birthday!!  Ans where did I celebrate? In ROME! Yes Everyone I landed in Rome January 4th and I will be here till May 2nd. I am in the process of working on my travel tumblr once its finished you can see my journey through there! I will be posting intriguing pictures and style profiles on this Blog. So No I will no longer be neglecting my baby any longer.
  • January 9 = The Day of Ambition 
  • The independent bussiness nature of a shines through strongly on those born January 9 
  • 's born January 9 are extremely discreet & thus becomes irrational by others prying into or telling our business.

's born January 9 generally have a sense of maturity that goes well beyond their years.
's born January 9 are both passionate & firey lovers, but will wait patiently for the right person.
's born January 9 leads by example.

's born January 9 loves to assist others to exceed & move outside of the boundaries of their own limitations.
's born January 9 will make enormous sacrifice for those they love with no questions asked.

Here is My Birthday Dress $26 Dollars in SoHo and I love the Rich Blue Color! My Blazer was the first Rich Blue I purchased and I must admit I love the pop of it ! 
My tights (which were falling and showing -____-) $5 from Charlotte Russe
Boots- Wet Seal 
Barbie Chain - SoHo
Tiarra- Accessorize 

My Roma Famigila came out (as well as Penn State ppl) to this place called DJee Bar which is basically an American Style Bar on a poor Monday Night and it was LIVE!! The most fun I could possibly have for a twentieth birthday since thats the weird age you can not do anything. And since Europe drinking age is 18...we were ready!
Everyone was buying me shots and drinks and knew it was my birthday that was not part of our party. Literally EVERYONE! lOl! 
<3 !! Blessed this birthday is one for the books! 

( Penn State) 

Yup thats the bartender. And my new best friend SMH lol

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