Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Urban X OutFIThers

Last Wednesday I enjoyed my last day in Philadelphia with my buu @_ToxicThoughts and my daughter @ilovecherraye  , We took a nice walk to Rittenhouse square and paste Urban Outfitters along the way. 
They were having an up to 70% off sale with racks on racks on RACKS of clearance items. 
I have NEVER owned any Urban Outfitters clothing because like my daughter said "its just an expensive thrift store" . I never saw or felt the need to pay those prices for their clothing. Do not get me wrong I think the store is dope BUT until I am balling for no reason I can not support it.. until now! LoL 

I bought 5 pieces for 10 dollars EACH! I did leave some stuff behind but these pieces I fell in love with!

I also bought a book on Shots for 12.99 $ and boy am I excited to start creating them! I am going to start branding and making custom orders for "Barbie Drinks"

Shirt & Shorts 9.99

Netted Over op, Bandeu, and High Waist shorts 9.99 each!!

Look in for other new finds!

I am dyinggggg for a back pack like this!! If anyone knows where I can find a cheap one PLEASE HIT ME UP!

I also want a shirt like this I am my daughters FIRST customer to make me this.. plus I am getting one from my job lol

I love looking at the visuals for Urban they put together GREAT outfits ! Whoever does there visual DOPE! 
I always walk in looking for inspiration

69$ For a bookbag? I'll be a monkeys uncle

Even there fitting room was dope as hell!!

Love me some DOCS

Printed Booties?! YAS!

So damn good make you wanna lick the heel! YUM!

Loveee these heels!! So creative!!

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