Monday, December 19, 2011


So before I finally cartwheeled out of Philadelphia for Good until Fall of Next Year I FINALLY was able to go on a thrifting date with my roomate @VictoriaAdeleH ! She always complimented my sweaters I found at the same thrift store I took her too. Salvation Army in Roxborough Philadelphia. And boy am I glad we went we found some great stuff! We were not able to stay long due to other obligations but we did snag some cute finds! 
So the outfit I wore was a denim button down I purchased from Buffalo Exchange 8$, Tribal Bandeu - American Apparel 12$ H&M Scarf  15$ , Earrings - South Street Boutique 8$, Rugby Socks and Tan Shorts
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Thrift Find #1 - Plaid Shirt 5.99
I was MORE THAN HYPE to find this! I JUST looked up the sparknotes version during Thanksgiving break after watching Gone with the Wind again. It is such a classic that I am obsessed with..I heard that if you truly like Gone with the Wind to never read this book but I just have too! 
And for 5.99 !

Thrift Find #3 - 5.99

I nearly CARTWHEELED when I saw this I could NOT believe it ! 
And it was only 6.99 ! My very own Dior for 7$ !!

This is another exciting find for me $3.99 I need to increase my blouses and color selections step one lol  
I also snagged a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren jeans for 5.99! I am not posting them because of course they are old school and I have to do a D.I.Y project to transform them into cut offs first! Stay Tuned!! My roomie also found some great sweaters which is what she was looking for as well as some decorations for our..err..well now her apartment (sad tears) I also found a picnic basket for 6$ I left it behind foolishly but come summer I will be back and hunting for one! Picnic Time! <3

 This is a sweater I got last time I thrifted.. and the shoes 30$ Marshalls! ( disregard the mud lol)

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