Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just A Poem For you..

She is ravishingly beautiful...
Steps with such vigor meant to impress..
Induce a turned face.
I follow the lines that sum up the contours of her body as she approaches..
I stand motionless.
Drum roll in my chest please....
My mind implodes...confidence regresses.
The stresses of this encounter has left me breathless...
Frustration on my behalf increases.
Is it possible to have a cathedral full of words painted on your tongue and still remain speechless?
As I contemplate this repetitive failure time winds down, squeezing my mind as it drains out my mouth...
Allowing it to be set free Alleviates pressure from my core.
And I know that releasing is a sign of weakness but...
You have become someone I'm weak for....
When I make you smile an inner peace resides.
Moon shaped eyes calm the tides inside my mind..
Brain waves eerily calm.
I'm not used to the serene.
They abate and move like rivers mocking serenity...
 Euphoria has found a new home in the cosmos of your bones...trying be part of the marrow of your soul.
And I simply want know..
How can I gain permanent residence in the vicinity of your presence.....
 Just a Flatbush Native . Poetry. Music. Religion. Plain & Simple
I met this cute face a month ago but he would like to remain nameless and a mystery lol. 
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