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"Now we all had our doubts about J Cole's long overdue debut project “Cole World: The Sideline Story. When I heard that he produced 90% of his album, I was bland to the thought. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t bad behind the tables BUT, when you have an album coming out, you want to take the route of definite success, like that of Big Sean when No I.D blessed his first album. But to each his own. To my surprise Cole World went beyond my expectations, and I plan on supporting it any way possible."

Rise and Shine- 9.5 / 10
Now this track goes the distance. From the sample to the kicks to the snare rolls. This was young Simba’s last effort to destroy any doubt that anyone may have. You don't have to like Coles work, but you have to respect it.
Nobody's Perfect - 9 / 10
Another album favorite; from the relaxed sample to the Missy feature. Missy Elliot on the hook made the song complete. The kick also made the track adequateness. Turn the bass up for this one. 
Sideline Story- 9 / 10
The beat drops when it continues from the previous "interlude". This is a personal favorite track; definition of an album cut. While the beat consists of some familiar piano rolls, guitar licks and baselines. I'm unsure if this is a sample, but I doubt it. "You’ll never play me like Lebron playing jordan, 20 years from now wondering who they gon say was more important”. One technique I noticed on the album is the "beat drops" which is important for certain artist.

In The Morning- 8 / 10
Previously heard on "Friday Night Lights" It's hard not to like this song or even picture you in their position. Although I didn't expect the first song with Cole and Drake to be this subtle, it was a good collab. Lucky for us it was all bars from Drake. Not his usual "sing a hook then rap" notion.

Dollar and a Dream 3 -8 / 10
This is a musical rags to riches story. Not in the sense of having nothing to having a lot, of but being able to do the most with what you have. The track starts of with pads/ strings that you may hear in a film when the main character finally reaches his pinnacle or realizes his destiny (real theatrical shit).  He uses the same hook from the previous dollar and a dream record, which is understandable.
Nothing Lasts Forever- 8/  10
You have to appreciate the way that Cole flows over these piano progressions, assisted by the vocals. Throughout the entire album he stays in his lane. When you listen to this song it is reminiscent of Tupac’s “I aint Mad at ya”; It maybe the similar chord patterns

Can't Get Enough- 7.5 / 1 0
This was one of those songs that had to grow on me after a couple of spins. The sample gives you an island hiatus kind of feel. Trey Songs is on the hook but He wasn't essential. The track could have done well without him.
Lights Please- 7.5 / 10
Now even though this track is a 2year old cut from his mixtape “The Warm Up, I still like the concept of the song. While Cole is attempting to drop knowledge for the lady, both seem have ulterior motives.  While the beat is a simple loop with some piano progressions, Cole's lyrical content is emphasized. His verses are undoubtedly something we can all relate to, whether you like it or not. 

Lost One's- 7.5 / 10
Cole has a way of speaking on relevant things that a lot of people can't help but relate to. He raps from both perspectives on this song about a girl getting knocked up by a dude she loved and how things may change after the fact. Most of us have been there or are currently experiencing this. Cole also showed us that he isn’t afraid to sing his own hooks. The concept of the song was better than the song itself. "See I knew this is how'd act so typical, said you loved me but now u flippin like reciprocals".
Gods Gift- 7 / 10
First thing that stood out to me was the drum patterns. This is usual hungry Cole. He likes to remind us that he was overlooked by women before his potential was recognized.
Breakdown- 7 / 10
This is an average cut but nonetheless a decent song. The song includes 808’s in a subtle way over a drum loop. The strings and flute samples come in the latter part of the song. Cole paints us a picture where life presents us with hopeless situations where we are may give up and breakdown. The track ends with some nice descending progressions. 
Never Told- 7 / 10
Cole switched his distinctive flow up for this one, but still giving us the lyrical content we expect. The soothing background vocals and dialogues were also a great addition to the record.
Cole World- 6 / 10
It was good to hear Cole go in over some claps and 808's for a change. While the beat was different from you're use to hearing Cole on, he stayed in his lane.

Interlude- 6 / 10
Cole recalls the day that he found out that he was going to be signed to Roc Nation, or as I like to call them "Idle Nation"

Mr. Nice Watch- 5 / 10
A delayed verse from Jay brought me to the assumption that Jay had something up his sleeve for this song. But ooohhhh how wrong I was. Besides this being my least favorite on the album, Jay did not show up like everyone expected him to and it’s obvious him and Cole weren't on the same page when they recorded this.

Daddy’s: Little Girl- 5 / 10
Not really crazy about this song. This was probably a song that he wrote a while ago and just decided to put it on the album, for unknown reasons.

This review was brought to you by a music mogul. Justin is well aware of how to create, incorporate and understands beats, lyrics, and most importantly Hip Hop. I am a music lover and I love J.Cole everything I want and believe in for Hip Hop and a man J.Cole breathes and spits about. He is very underrated and extremely talented and I will continue to support him forever. Which is probably the only reason I agreed to this ;) LOL On the other hand, go out and actually BUY his C.D take these words in considerationa nd make your own judgement. That is all you can really do. 

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