Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So when I cam back to school I decided I wanted to do a Goddess twist, obnoxiously long, to give myself the ridiculous BIG BUN i am obsessed with.

I also blew dry and finally trimmed by edges so I wanted to leave my hair alone for a bit while I let it breathe and grow some more. I must say even with the trim edges in this natural journey , even with the shedding my hair GREWW!! I was shocked and pleased!!

I used to braid my hair when I was younger which is why I wanted twists to give myself the more "Natural afro chic '80s-'90s look

Heres some flicks.. I am waiting for the BIG BUN flick until I have a dope outfit on haha

The process was LITERALLY 8 hours smh..and I still have to burn the ends since they are coming apart as we speak smh lol
But my sis @Chaquitabananaa did them and she is opening her little mini hair shop for those interested =)

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