Friday, October 7, 2011


Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Debonaire' Models Launch Party at an Art Gallery downtown. The Pepper to my Salt Shaleeta and I were able to be guest press. Of course any way I can network with such fashionable people, especially in Philadelphia where there is not too many and the circle is tight, I enjoy and use it to my advantage. They had models ( most important), fashion, style, flavor, open bar, cupcake delights from Pink Velvet Desserts and Parmesan Chicken Nuggets from Pop A Nugget. They also had a silent auction with lessons, hair, makeup, and other baskets being auctioned. It was a beautiful set up and a lovely evening. I only see better things from here for Debonaire.
Check out pictures from the night 

DJ Stokes in the owner and founder of Debonaire Models and he is already fierce in himself as is, and he just found probably the fiercest group of models Philadelphia might just have to offer. I became cool with Antywon Wright after working with him at one event, and hanging with him  after another for Philadelphia Fashion Week. And learning how he has only been working for 9 months and seeing the amazing talent he emits is astonishing to me. Whatever DJ did he does it right! He did state during the night he is going to open a school/coaching lessons that I advise anyone who is serious about it to look into!
 DJ Stokes with a Debonaire Model

Served as Fashion Police for the Germantown Arts & Fashion Festival

Debonaire Models (Antywon in middle)

 The Debonaire Models

 Art Work

 Stokes with Stylist

Models infused with Philadelphia Fashion elites

Models and Hair Stylist

  Also the designer for Zombie Flyd Nation

 Lovely Lady from D.C had the pleasure of busting a quick convo with

 Model Showcase

Owner of Art Gallery

"To develop up and coming male models to get them to the next level in the fashion industry.Debonaire' Models is a Model management company devoted to developing up and coming Models."

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