Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So Last Weekend, A handful of us ventured to Washington D.C for Howard University Homecoming. Now this post is not about the ratchetness of the Weekend, but more so my trip to Washington D.C as a whole. The last time I was in D.C I was really young and there strictly for tourist purposes with my mother. Experiencing Howard for a weekend was different, cool and fun. Being around soooo many black people(that were not hood) and seeing a different swag and culture was so interesting. And there style?! Inspirational! I just wanted to create a whole inspiration board from there looks (minus the dreads, its growing on me but not there yet). I got to enjoy the YardFest (Jeezy, Gyptain, A&J and Terrance) plus many more, After Party both nights, and Georgetown. Georgetown is a beautiful college town and strip! I definitely need to go back!
Touch Down

That Southern Lovin


HIV is no joke ESP in D.C

She is signed to ROC

Gyptain - He also was a performer Saturday Night at Ibiza

 Young Jeeeezzzyyyyy

AJ & Terrance

#YASSS Kappas

Cause we like to Partyy!


Street Lights

We literally raced our way to make it to Annie Cream Cheese before they closed in George Town. Annie Cream Cheese is Vintage Designer Heaven! The items were a tad pricy because it is vintage NOT thrift. (Some people need to learn the difference). The whole layout and visuals of the store were more than amazing! I also got to overhear the manager directing one of the sales associates about what proper visuals to pick for different sections of the store. Its amazing when you put your major to the real world. The whole look and vibe of the store felt like what my room and future apartment should look like.

Don't I just blend in ;)

<3 Classic

CHANEL! I fell in love with the star stud earrings and she said 4.99 I thought i hit GOLD until she clarified 499.00 smh

These are the star earrings sigh..

Even there images were #dopecitystamped!


Window Display
 The line was WRAPPED around the block ! These lovely owners have a show on TLC

Even the help was delicious ;)

Did not know underwear needed its own store O.o

Quick Run to Urban

Urban always has some dope threads and the styles tend to be the same despite the location and unfortunately so does the price smh

They always have the dopest reads too .

I am MORE than obsessed with these heels. Alot of people in Howard had carved heels as well.


Shoe Galore

[Obey] Me

Steve Madden

"Thank you for understanding" ?! LOL

 I was serious when I said I want to become a gypsy. This year marks my first year. I plan to travel within the states and then the nation just with my camera documenting style, shopping their hot spots, eating their known places and absorbing the different cultures.. My new plan and journey... Who's on my LINE!?

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