Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This weekend I had the absolute pleasure and opportunity to attend the BRAG Gala. It was more than beautiful words can not describe this night! After this weekend BRAG became less of an organization and more of a sisterhood. A "sorority" feel overtook my mind. 
  • The Fashion,
  • Ambition, 
  • Motivation, 
  • Dedication, 
  • Hard Work, 
  • Success, 
  • Food,
  • Open Bar,
  • Young Minded People
  • ,Mary J. Blige,
  • LL COOL J's wife Simone Smith, 
  • Scholars ,
  • Music, 
  • College Chapters 
All filled the first night. I love the idea of dressing up and going to tasteful events. I loved it even more that this was a BLACK event, and it was tasteful and classy and FUN! Good music everyone vibing and dancing wholesomely ! This is what BLACK is all about!

Check out our Journey there!

Landed X Destination X NYC

#Bragettes on the go! 

Standstill Traffic. We made it at the END of cocktail hour smh.

Dress made by @hautecocochick

I had 2 glasses of wine (red and white) and a long island ice tea at the same time. And they were walking around refilling glasses. Shesh!

Beautiful Center Pieces

Table #38

This is butter AHEM! lol

F.I.T Chapter. They were all the way LIVE!

Terniqua! Our Founder!

PhilaU && F.I.T

Alicia @love_pinck our very own being awarded with her scholarship !

Chicken & Wild Rice


Epitome of a "Black" Event. So much fun! We can never resist!

Host of the Evening

Simone Smith receiving her achievement award

@BRAGPhilaU and Renee Cooper - BRAG Nationals


Founding Preisdent, Present President

BRAGettes and BRAGo's unite <3

Little did I know the ladies I was dancing with were from Limited Brands and Bath and Body Works stationed in Jersey and Philly. Danced my way into a connection!

Day 2 back on the move

Queensboro bridge

Magic Johnson as Guest Speaker

Would you look at the damn height difference smh

Best Buy Theatre We recieved Beats by Dre Dre, Tshirt, two bags, cup holders, free breakfast followed by a free lunch, two TJX GIFT CARDS( which i used new pair of Madden Girl Pumps, Betsey Johnson tights and Chinese Laundry socks only had to pay .84 out of pocket at Marshalls)  and lecture series with TJX at F.I.T 
All of the chapters got to speak and share ideas. It felt amazing being a second semester chapter and having LISTS of success , nods of approval, and pens scurrying on paper to write down our ideas
 Once all of BRAG Festivities were over exploring was in order

First stop. Protest. smh

He was intrigued by Alicia. She was not. He was still fly though haha

We were OBSESSED with the WHO.A.U window display visual! 
We actually went fabric shopping first and it is amazing how into Fashion the three of us are, having a whole conversation about collections and outfits we see able with just looking at fabric and breaking down the visual with this window display.

I also purchased two patches a blue W (Who.A.U) and a Red C for my name duh! This store reminds me of Polo Rugby especially with the Patches. Who.A.U is a Korean line that stands for "Who Are You", a new brand with a passion for the California lifestyle and a vintage luxury feel.  "Brave. Original. Innovative"

He was as cute as an 'Angel' and had the hair of a Goddess!!

We ran into these cuties. Although I am using their individual pictures for my Fall Fashion Piece, I had to put them here. Look at how swagged out they are! To dope for words! And the one on the far right caught my eye first with his swag. I mean how can you resist. Is he not gorgeous?!

New favorite store.

Strawberry stepped their WHOLE game up

Fierce in the City

The real questionis whoooooo a u


Look at the pipe on that building!

Fell in LOVE with this store on Madison Ave! I need them to design my future apartment! Maison24
This store carried home furnishings, men's and women's accessories, music, art decorative objects, books, children's accessories, collectible toys and more.

This pic is too dope!

They gave me such a good weekend!


Pit stop to Central Park

Quicker stop to Plaza Hotel

And I wish....

This was her thug... do you see it?

Water fountain was elevated

Septum piercing time!

We started with ONE luggage each we left with THREE to a name. 
DESPITE all the roadblocks ( which I will learn from) I loved my weekend and I feel nothing but #blessed and #motivated. I give a thousand thanks to those dedicated for the future of our youth, and the youth that care about their future. 


  1. Wow
    We really appreciate the love..taking pics of us made our weekend better too
    And please, you didn't have to call Lou gorgeous lol
    Stay up
    From-the cats u met at Who.a.u

  2. Aww I am glad I could help haha! You guys will also be in my Fall Fashion Post so look out for that! Hahaha he is though , you all are smashing young gentleman lol. Add me on Facebook Catherine Barbie =)