Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So on Saturday me and @chasefranco decided to go to Salvation Army on Ridge. BADD IDEA!!
1. We were in there for TWO HOURS
2. We digged through EVERY RACK
3. We filled our cart within the first TWENTY minutes we were there and KEPT GOING
4. We got little to NOTHING on our to GET list
5. We are thrifting junkies who needed not to thrift together lol

However I did get a good bundle on some cute statement pieces and my total was 68$ for a literal garbage bag full of goodies
They also did a 50% off blue ticketed items I was able to snaz 2 

Now this is just an outfit recap. 
Jacket from my righty 
Rolling Stones T-Shirt - Ebay $10 
Jeans- Distressed and designed by me 
Shoes - $14 H&M

Another outfit recap ( I was wearing that day ) 
Denim Shirt- Buffalo Exchange $9
Red Tank - Wet Seal $4.00 
Shorts - Dyed and designed by me 
Boots- Ebay


 8.99 ( blue ticket 4.50)




 $4.99 .. I have a similar one from H&M can you say I feel foolish for purchasing? smh lol

 4.99 (blue ticket 2.50)

$6.99 (blue ticket 3.50)

Got these pieces from The Attic down Manayunck and got two items for 10% off. Spent 18.00 for all 5 pieces


  1. you look so dope i <3 ur style and the new hair style is nice to! :) kisses

  2. awww girlie!!! <3 !!! thankies love!! same to you!! shoot just wait ima be a customer ;) i might just profile you on my blog so people can buy from you!!! your soo cool! tell everyone i #dopecitystamped you ;)