Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Saurday was the last day of my hectic but fun filled week. The Philadelphia Fashion Week Couture Runway Show featuring couture collections form national and international luxury designers. Everyone made sure they came out for the last major event, but their was a lot of reoccurring faces from the enter week, as well as some familiar faces. We also were able to enjoy the presence of Tichina Arnold ( known as PAM from Martin, and the mom on Everybody hates Chris), and can I say how nice, fun, and down to earth she is?! This was her daughters second year walking in the show, which is the reason why she attended. And she is one proud mother of one talented beautiful girl! I was sad to see the week come to an end, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time. The only thing I will say is that I believe Philadelphia has soo much potential and hopefully it will just keep increasing through out the years.


Mayor Nutter made a special appearance with other government officials

Tishina and her puppy sitting front row =)

London Designer

Karina in her outfit change

Ran into Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought!
#BRAG worked as volunteer dressers

Designers of the night
 Designer and DJ Hollywood


Producers Kerri & Kevin

 Angela being recognized as being a sponsor



 Crowd Favorite


 Tishina's daughter .. Whip yo HAIR!

Table Decor and Party Favorites

Vendors, Jewelry , Shoes and Nails

Right - Curran of  

Now for Philadelphia Fashion Week I just decided to cover the event instead of input my opinion, in these posts. I will say this, the talent was definitely present and noticed. Those that were involved were YOUNG. The designer from Art Institue was only 19 and Bishyme is 20, as well as the other designers. The models, the attendees, producers everyone is making a name for themselves as a young age. Now as for quality, not everything seemed couture or left you with an exact WOW factor. I do however feel that since it was the fifth year, and this was a tremendous amount of events and participation it just leaves room for Philadelphia's potential to improve and increase. Thats all I am going to leave off saying, For now I just want you to enjoy the fashion =)

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