Monday, August 1, 2011


  Hey Philly!! Come Support more Local Talent! Keep Philly on the Map!! Support! 
Indie Film Release! Must See! 

Matthew Merz
 Screening of Operation: Get Rid of Pinky will be held at The Trocadero Theatre located at 1003 Arch Street in Philly on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 Doors open at 7:30pm, and the show will begin at 8:00pm.  Please purchase your tickets in advance, spread the word, and come out and support all of the people who helped make this film a reality.  Showcase of local actors, actresses, and artists come experience their reality film with them!.  
"We promise you that this movie is unlike anything you've ever seen before.."

The official website to the film is

Star of Star & Buc Wild formerly off 100.3FM The Beat will be hosting this event.

Tickets are available online now at
Tickets can also be purchased from the Trocadero Theatre Box office, or from Matthew and Chet Johnson. Please contact one of them if you have any questions about tickets, or about this event in general.

Who is Pinky you ask? 
No sorry to burst your bubble that nasty washed up Porn Star is not coming or will be about her. However, int his unusual plot Pinky is just as addictive, absurd, raunchy, crazy and mind blowing and of course low down no good. It is a comedy about When soldier Dave Carew (Darnell Coney) gets discharged from the army, he comes home to a place much different than when he left it.  A new drug called Pink Powder has taken over the neighborhood.  The supplier of this drug is Pinky (J.M. "Jerkinz" Smith), a menacing character who terrorizes the city. 
Once Dave finds out what the new Erect really is, he must do what others have failed to do.. Get Rid of Pinky.  

So instead of going to a regular repeated story plot movie for 15.00 to see in it bogus 3D , try hitting this event instead and view an original independent one of a kind film, filmed entirely in the Philadelphia area where you can connect too, with an comicial twisted but yet possible plot ( I mean it is Philly ;) right? lol) 

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