Sunday, August 7, 2011


So last weekend me and my brother trucked it out with my parents to Vermont to visit my Diary and the third piece to our trio I must say Vermont is an entire different state. It is filled with burnt out hippies and nature animal lovers It was a new scene but it was not for me. I loved the escape and the different lifestyle but I enjoy being a city girl  And everywhere we went people always asked where we were from. Guess we did not look like we could pass as residents lol 
Ny everywhere i go lol. And clothing Line was this funky thrift store! 

Vermont is known for their syrup and uhm creative flavors?

DownTown Threads had some dope ass items! One of my top thrift spots yet! 

My outfit for the day. Was called a hipster too lol

Levi's ALL over! I never seen so many levis im a fool for not grabbing some! lol

Very Pink Ladies from GREASE dont you think? lol

I decided on the silk travelers jacket instead

^Just look at the rules! lol! vv Although it was a reg deli i LOVE anything Alice in Wonderland inspired

Random flicks from in town. Lady with red hair? Dogs with Tie Dye? Welcome to Vermont

This Farmers market got me excited for my semester abroad. I lovee farmers market. Fresh Organic Grown! Bought some syrup and Peach Pepper Jam! Tooo good! My bro also got wine for his aunt as well

They are also big on beer.. not my thing.

Almost DIEDD when I say the Jamaican D'Lites! I should have tasted! lOL

The pic on the right was a flatbread(not pizza flatbread) restaurant. My diary never beenit but heard praises looked tooo good to pass up we returned back here for dinner and BOY was it ahhmazing! 

Wasnt a family store but coolest Salvation Army I have seen

Enjoyed a little cool down at the lake. And enjoyed watching the dog play as well ! 

My diary. I realized we did not take a decent trio pic the whole time smh

Mom and Dad at the Ben & Jerrys Factory 

Old Record Store. Magazines. Posters. So Vintage and Retro! Loved it! They even had Run DMC! 

The Ben & Jerry Factory had a flavor graveyard! All little funny rhymes to all discontinued products. We also got free samples for a 30 minute 3$ tour =)

I have been CRAVING a purse like this! Only 20$ at the thrift shop!

Used book store and barnes and nobles used book section was heaven! And even purchased a Gone with the Wind Tote! 
Love <3 

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