Friday, July 8, 2011


Fifth Official Feature :: I-KNOW BRASCO

Who is he?

24 Year Old North Philadelphia Native
Street Raised but College Educated
Communications Major with a concentration in Radio Broadcast at West Chester University 
Family Man
Sports Fan
Music Recorder
Potential Radio Broadcaster

What describes him?

What does he want to do ?
"Spread Stories through Music"

What are the stories and who are the "Voiceless"?
"I want to express what I have seen in my life and what others close to me have experienced in life. All the different places we have traveled. All the different emotions we have felt. I know people who CAN'T RAP and have no way to express all these things they have seen but they have a valuable story to share and I feel that it is my duty to bring those stories to the listeners. When I say I am speaking for the voiceless I am saying I am speaking for the hard working people who can't get their story to the mainstream public. I feel like I am the person that can bring light to certain issues n situations they/we see on the daily" 

THEY KNOW I-KNOW - EPISODE 3 from trabb on Vimeo.

Stay Underground or Move Mainstream? 
I would love to become a mainstream artist. It would allow me to create employment opps for people who need them. It would give me the chance to get my music heard by millions. I am gonna rap regardless because I love the perform in the expression but from a life and business standpoint I aim to become as popular of an artist as possible while still holding true to my message 

World Star

What separates him from others?
Whenever I am asked what separates me I always emphasize the fact that there is only one ME. My life experiences in and out of the streets of Philadelphia are something alot of artist cant speak on. The things I have seen and been through. The people I have been blessed to meet and have lost along the way are what make me different. That and the fact that I feel that I rap better than most. I feel it puts me in a good area as far as current underground rappers who have something important to say and state it well

Where Can you find him?
Featured on  R6 Cypher and Blogs like

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