Sunday, July 10, 2011


Took my new baby out in my little town as a test run! Its Father named him Crimson Couture still has to grow on me but im digging it lol

Came back home && sat poolside for my BRAG conference call.

Also this week my DOPE package came in the mail from  @HeartBrk_Eazy 
He is veryy talented with his ideas and outcomes of his Natrl Born Heart Brkers Pieces. 
It took me a while to think of what I wanted , but I am so happy I waited would yall look at my dope ass outcomes?
I have only worn them once so far since receiving them and did not capture my outfit, but I will be wearing them NUMEROUS times and when I do I'll be sure to capture!

He also threw in a keychain (which now hold my keys), business cards (already gave 2 out) and stickers. 
Find "Your heart" 

&& thIS post is dedicated to @iGet_SarKastik  My photography, camera, jazz club buddy! 
Check his blog he is a dope individual!  

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