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Who is he? 
Philadelphia Native 
23 years old 
Hip Hop Artist 
What describes him?
Philadelphia Hip Hop Artist 
Diligent Worker 

What is Flyyers Ltd?
Urban Art Collective
Showcases art in every form..graffiti, fashion, music, photographer, and canvas paintings
Created by Ezy and his partner MC Rob Lo
Influence was to build an In-House for Photographers, Videographers, Engineers, Models, Artists, Producers, and Urban Art Collectors creating music art and Fashion instead of being confined into one box one category

What is "Any Given Sunday"? 
Debut Solo Project
Concept & Inspiration the film Any Given Sunday(1999), Ezy used audio clips of Willie Beamen to further deliver his message in each track.
"The fact that a franchise was willing to lose every game with an old legend instead of taking a chance on a diamond in the rough which was willie beamen and that's how I feel about the state of Hip Hop right Now. I'm the string guy with all the talent.. and the "Game" rather put all their chips into these older legends and im just sitting patiently waiting to erupt"
It expresses interesting stories of a rock star lifestyle weekend, but effortlessly places you in a zone to learn about his raw and uncut life experiences. 

Where can you find him? 

Ezy's Musical Inspiration is Rocafella, and how it introduced Hip Hop to the East Coast with names such as Beanie Siegal, State Property Cam'ron, The Diplomats..Other Influences are the Door, James Brown, Patti Labelle and Jimi Hendrix
Any Given Sunday represents the blend of musical variety in one production. He loves music that tells a story and each one of his tracks has a story within his words. "I hate the State of Hip Hop Right Now, because artists do not put any real creativity into this form of art they commercialized it so much that most people don't take an artist serious if he'/she's actually speaking a message to the fans"  
I thoroughly agree with Ezy's statement which is why I support artist like him and others. I get so HEATED when I watch BET and see people hype off of some Waka Floka and Soulja Boy nonsense.. Please explain to me what rappers like them are doing for the Youth of our Nation? When we had rappers die that represented the true form of Hip Hop and the culture behind it.Theses "artist" are making the mockery of the word "Art' which goes in with their title "ART-ist" Please tell me what picture they are painting and what master piece is created... Dont worry I'll wait...

Stay Tuned for his Indie-album along with a full length novel both titled "Tha Ezy Way Out"and be sure to stay dated with for more updates on shows, videos, new music, and plenty of fan giveaways..

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