Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sex && The City

So my sister being the doll she is treated me and my cousin to Sex and the City Film tour in the City. 
Me & My cousin are born city girls ( Queens & Bronx) So we know it well and love it dearly.. but its things like these and trips like this that makes us fall in love with our city all over again.. always something new exciting and fun can never get bored in the city that we from ;) 

The pick up was by the fountain in front of the Plaza. And they had new zodiac animal statues to represent certain years. My cousin liked the monkey I liked the rooster ..my cousin was the dog i was the monkey. Fun -___-


This was our city tour bus.

Our first stop was "Pleasure Chest" and with all the noted locations on the tour we received 15% off. Since i own a "goodie" I just bought a cute gay flag sticker 

  West Village. Bleeker Street. They fed us free delicious cupcakes!
Buddakan Resturant
It was Budda-ful
Bond perfume. They make the perfume exclusively in NY and name the scents after NYC locations
Little Italy <3
Smh. Ofc Brooklyn. Whatever. lOl
This bakery is the CUTEST! A little Vintage Set up and it smelt and tasted delicious!

I joked on her "The closest to cooking she'll get" =P lOL

I might buy an apron when I get my first apartment though =)

I just LOVED the wall! 
Magnolia Bakery

Cute Cupakes and CUTER workers!
Fresh was a make-up boutique that made all of their cosmetics Fresh. 

Even the lip gloss smelt delicious

Little Italy

Can NOT wait to go to the Real Big Italy. =)
Steves 'Bar'

I love those kind of pourers for some reason

Ran into this Vintage store. Loved the Decor and the threads ofc!

Want. Need. Must. With that Military Jacket!

I barely like shoes at thrift shops but these were phenomenal! 

Thought of a million and one outfit ideas with this sailor hat. Left it behind sadly smh.

I loveee pinup! And they had the cutest swimsuit!

Didnt know what exact animal it was but  I loved it anyways! Its Wild!

The Skull bag was dope! A little asian owned this boutique and had the most amazing and yet affordable jewelry and one-pieces
The lobby at the Plaza. Suite Party soon?

The BallRoom. The Plaza does Weddings. Can you say option? lol

The picture came out weird because the glasses change color.

They had theee BEST bookstore. The book keeper was shocked of how much we were aware of some the books. One day when I live on the true ballin side I will go wild in the bookstore and then the cafe of course! And end my night in the Betsey Johnson Eloise suite.

Second time ive seen this book, Its teasing me

And there were more..

We also stopped/past by the New York Public Library/ Hells Kitchen/ Soho and ended by the HBO store. The tour guide had beautiful hand crafted earrings and i sadly forgot to get a picture and the information of the person who designed them. And she called me & my cousin NY girls since we were the only people on the tour from NYC , and boy did she get a kick out of us as we did out of her! I can not wait to do the Gossip Girl tour!

Walking past Central Park on the way to Columbus Circle.

I ended my day doing a little light shopping at H&M and Forever 21. I havent really shopped like that this summer or really in a while. I do not care too much for their clothes anymore, and I am learning to budget myself. I haven't really just shopped for kicks, I made a wishlist and work on getting a few items every paycheck and then saving the rest of it. I've tricked myself into thinking I am broke so I wont blow it anymore =)

Gray Harem Pants H&M 12.95

Boom Box Necklace Forever 21 - $3.90

My shirt was from my job Wet Seal. Where I tend to shop thanks to our discount lOL!

Harem Pants - 24.95$ H&M

High Waist Shorts Forever 21 19.50$ I have pants that are like exactly the same from H&M $15

I saw these high waist White Shorts but had to fight temptation to get them. Maybe next check. I had the illest idea of what I wanted to do to them. Stay tuned. 
ALL & ALL between the ratchetness, the randomness, the exploring, the laughs,the talks it was a good day in a great city! 
&& I didnt get my cousin in trouble ! ;)


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