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I am not entirely too sure of how this conversation started but it is always an interesting conversation to me when we are speaking about personal style and Fashion, even to those that do not seem to care about it too much, and males especially.
Its funny because I love male pieces, and the way they piece their outfits together is like a creative art to me.
I always love to steal my guy friends clothing, shop at their stores, departments, section of thrift stores, and try to incorporate their pieces in my wardrobe. 

I was speaking about my like for 'Urban Style' ( I like the whole style in general male and female but this conversation was about males so thats the focus here) 
Now the person I had this conversation with Myles Smith who stated he does not like nor fit in the 'Urban Swag' 'Snap backs, Ray bans, Jordans.." Basically described what you see when your around Urban 'Cool Kids' 

Now my defense to that was yes they have similar and pieces and your guaranteed to see those things which make the 'Urban' look, but 'Urban is creative due to the way and thought process of putting the pieces together and to make a statement, as well as a signature look with unique pieces. 
In this conversation he stated he had a #simplemanswag. That stuck with me . I never thought about the concept of #simplemanswag  and what a popular, basic, effortless, yet stylish style that is seen everyday and draws many of us into.
So ofc I had to be annoying and made him elaborate on this & do a sort of  'feature/ interview' about it ! Lol 
What is #SimpleManSwag? 
"#SimpleManSwag is basically clothes that are almost basic in nature but worn in a stylish manner. For example, colored v necks, or tees, graphic tees, skinny jeans, and some comfy kicks. Nothing fancy or expensive. Its looking good while looking like you didn't really try to at all." 

Why do you like this style defines and fits you? 
"This makes me feel comfortable because I feel as though  its a somewhat versatile look. Also its comforting knowing that the look is something of my own creation without trying too hard to fit into what trends may be present. The simpleness allows you to incorporate different looks. It defines me because I think it suits my personality. I'm able to fit any mold without compromising myself. 

What styles/ pieces do you like and why?
"I love wearing cardigans. I love the summertime cargo shorts, they're cool, the Levis 511's are dope. V necks are a god send. Especially colored ones. Oh and last but not least, a pair of Chuck Taylors. The dirtier the better, it gives them character." 
What do you not like and why?
"There aren't too many things that I don't like fashion wise. I think fashion is a art to some degree and therefore people should be willing to try out different things in order to express their art. If I disagree with a look its because I'm a different person and may not hold the same ideas of expression. But I still respect it"

Follow his bald head! lol D Nyce   

So ofc he had to incorporate his "bromance" And dropped some names of his 'Bros' that have the same Swag
Follow my best friend!!  Jay Sween
Many people think of Male Style to be filled with hella labels: Prada, Gucci, Louie, Jordan, Polo etc. you catch my drift. We always try to define Male Swag in little categories that we overlook the biggest category of all  #SimpleManSwag
Want to find him? 
Now for his 'Feature' Aspect of this post. I've known his nerd behind for a year now and its been a weird pleasure lol. I always like meeting 'different' people who do not have the average thought process. If you follow his twitter some of his tweets about what happens in his average daily life and what runs in his brain are just out there and leave you laughing like the crazy person in public.
He is :  
  • Temple University English Major Student
  •  DayCare Teacher 
  • Aspiring Writer 
  • Aspiring Teacher 
  • Philly Native 
  • Nerd
  • Geek
  • Anime Lover
One of the things I have always admired about him is his story. I am not going to go into detail about one's life, but it was not the easiest , as is anybodies. But I always am amazed about how some people overcome certain situations and turn those lemons into apple juice (Yes i said that on purpose). One of the coolest guys I have met while my time out in Philly. Not the normal Philly 'bul' on some 'hustle' to live a basic life and stay just a 'Philly Star' if that. He is teased with being called Dad, and Pop Pop because he has the soul, personality and mind of an elder you can not help but listen to their words. The one that breaks down in the old school shimmy or the bump since that was the dance move he pulled on my roomate the first time we met lol, but then the one you turn to for some wisdom and to have an actual intellectual conversation. He definitely has a supportive, caring heart that is filled with good intentions and a path paved with dedication, independence, hard work, talent and ambition which will only lead down the road many opportunities of success.

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