Friday, June 10, 2011


So on Saturday I went to a small local Fashion Show in Brooklyn Hosted by CHILA4FUN
Chila4Fun are custom made crochet designs and one of a kind pieces. 
The designer Cecilia Fabian aka "Chila" hand makes every single piece in her collection. "Chila was born in El Salvador and raised in Los Angeles.  She moved to Los Angeles in the early eighties, during the civil war in her country.   Chila began her collection seven years ago and presently promotes it around the world."
Chila has a charity organization of her own called "Salvador" to help raise money for schools in El Salvador, Guatemala, USA, and she is also involved in many other charities. 
Chila works closely with the youth in her community and represents several upcoming talents including models, makeup artist, stylist, and much more. If you are looking fro an opportunity to start or continue receiving recognition and continue in this career path please hit her up! 
The Public Relation Lady that hosted the event already called me back the next day about an Internship position! And BOY did we have a motivating complimenting conversation! Felt like we already knew each other and we were only comparing off of the work we have seen and read within one day!
So feel free to Contact! 

Now their Fashion Show to me was intriguing to see those designs that were all done by hand INCLUDING the shoes! It was remarkable! And the makeup and hair artists did a remarkable job! All the looks were dopely unique! The only problem I had with the event was the fact one of the camera mans, which was probably the main man did not have the ability to record with the lights off so they had the lights on , kind of killed the whole thrill of it and took away from the fabulous designs! It was still interesting! 
The designer && her fab model! 


 Heres 2 videos of the Fashion we saw, their was a TAD slip up at one part.. but you shall see.

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