Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I did not think I would see the day where I would willingly go to Philadelphia! LOL! BUT there I did make my way back to that hidden beauty of a city.
My first stop was Deptford for Luis Marreo's Voices in Power. Great amount of Spoken Word from Talented People! The power in their words and performances was REMARKABLE! And moving! It brought me back to the days I used to write and wished I continued, but I rather sit there and support all those who have a deeper passion and true talent for it! I am very proud of 'Little Lou' ( lol he would curse me out if he saw this) with the movement of his V.I.P and how many other venues are supporting him and the new faces that are coming. I can not wait to help him do his New York Event so ALL POETS, WRITERS, SINGERS in New York OR Philly that want to perform and participate feel free to hit him or me up!
Then we got UP CLOSE & PERSONAL in our jam packed car to Philadelphia for Curran Swint and Change Makers "Arts Beats and Eats"
In this car was many ideas, emotions, opinions and most of all Ambition and dedication! If you can sit around this people and not get inspired to do something with yourself you obviously must not want anything for yourself. In one care you had writers, designers, singers, producers, stylists, marketers, event coordinators, and bloggers! #MoveMakers and literal Starving Artist ( Why did none of us eat anything and it was rolling around to 8 pm ? lol) 
Leaving a car full of ambitious people to enter a whole room filled of ambitious, stylish and young entrepreneurs was enough to get the fire burning in me to do and become something! It was such a fun environment as well! Food, Wine, Drinks, the GAME was on which was a whole 'nother mood in the room! lol, Good conversation and good NETWORKING mixer! Every event also has a charity theme to it, and this one was Book Drive. I was given all the details of Arts Beats & Eats from Ms. Desi who was like our mentor in the car lol. Brilliant people with a brilliant idea for a brilliant event once a month! These are the hidden gems in the hidden beauty city. 

Me & My fellow #bragbunny the designer A P!NCK were promoting #BRAG to the fullest and got SO much support and excitement and already feedback from people who want to get on board! So i may be acting like a kid in a candy store from this event but this is something I feel passionate about and someday will hope to be doing and be a bigger part of!
( and we were both rocking that #BRAGPHILAU RED! ) 
She also inspired me as well as @NaionLife to do a post on Summer Shoe Styles, because we was peeping some SERIOUS shoe game action going on!
The event also had entertainment. Live Art was being painted and raffled off. Other raffles for prize goodies from the vendors. There was a comedian , who reminded me of Kevin Hart because of his height (no lie lol) and Spoken word from Haiti the Poet one of our car buddies! lol 

At the event we noticed Curran actually did AND pulled off his "Men wear Pink too" And his outfit was so effortlessly fly you did not even second think the fact his shorts are pink! The floral tie was the perfect balance and play on the color , and you can tell he was so comfortable in his masculinity and in his outfit all you could say was #style #swag #bawse. Look out for his post on Men wear Pink too!


  1. Great & funny post!lol thanks for the love

  2. thanks for the support!! lol and no doubtz!