Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gucci Museo!

In Florence the Gucci Museum opened up in December and it was more than amazing! You were unfortunately not allowed to take any pictures throughout the museum but you were given little images for each section throughout the museum. It gave us such a deeper connection and insight into the brand and the company. It was also really interesting to see the Gucci products the museum was able to buy back and the images with public figures with the Gucci brand and the Gucci team. The Gucci Lifestyle was probably my favorite section of the museum with the Cadillac interior print, picnic basket and supplies as well as sporting goods with the Gucci Print. I also liked the limited edition floral print that was exclusive for the Princess but so widely demanded that they created a limited edition for the public. I also learned that the Gucci brand was created to represent the traveler, and myself falling in love with traveling fell in love with the brand. If you are ever in Florence this is a museum I highly recommend! 

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