Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I really did not ask for anything this Christmas mainly because I am studying abroad so why waste any money?

The only thing I did ask for was an amazon gift card .. which was granted so I knocked off as many books on my wish list with it! 

I also got some other random surprise goodies that made me smile! 

I realized after Christmas I still want at least one pair of Red Toms shoes (and not no knock off Bobs) and I should have asked for that for Christmas smh. But tis all cool Might cave and get them before I go abroad. MIGHT! lol 

Betsey Johnson goodies! 
Bag  & Matching Cell Phone Case !
Two pairs of slippers (well 3 but the third I do not care for too much tight fit)

"Think of me as the Barbie you'll never get to play with" 

And another Betsey! =) (I also got another charm bracelet while shopping in Macy's with my mom so that was double for me =D )

I LOVEEE My mother for this one! I have the Gold one with the matching ring..(but my friend left it in Philadelphia -________-) and I never bought this one because it was out of my price rang, and lovely mommy did it for me! =)

My sister did a travel pack kit for me which was AH-DORABLE 
1- neck rest for the MONSTROUS plane flight 
2- Peanuts Calendar to feel like home 
3- Passport case slip (bright pink so I will not lose it ) 
4- Adapter and Converter for my electronics 
5- A notepad and pens for when "i miss texting and want to write down my thoughts"
6- 2 packages of gummy bears for the flight (both gone and need to be replaced smh)

7- Taken - to remind me that I am in a foreign country 
8- A Madea Christmas (for when I miss black people LOL
The Harry Potter was from my Father lol 

The lovely books I received from Amazon as part of my gifts
1- Style Eyes 
2- I <3 Your Style 
3- The Carrie Diaries 
4- Beautiful Eyes

5- The Teen Vogue Hand Book 
6- Secrets of Stylists 
7- Fashion Box 
8- The ELLEments of Personal Style

9- L.A Candy 
10- Candy Shots (not part of the gift but a random buy I am proud of =) )

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