Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dolce&Gabbana RTW 2011

So last week or so I ventured to Via del Corso with all the high end luxury brand, haute couture shopping stores are located. I wandered into Dolce&Gabbana as well... and nearly wet my pants. If I was not balling on a budget.. well if I was BALLING at all I probably would have blew all of my euros and my mind in that store! They had all the pieces from the Fall 2011 Ready to Wear Collections and it is probably my favorite thus far! I wish they would let you take pictures in the store but since they didn't I added pictures from the collection. I do not know HOW I let this collection slip away from me! With all the stars and music notes hello! Those are my obsessions and my tattoos! Gah! I will let you all bask in the beauty =) 


These were just some of my favorite pieces .. and trust everything looked 10x more stunning in person! 
Check out the whole collection!

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