Monday, September 12, 2011


Fashion Night Out is probably the best way to kick of Fashion Week and one of the funnest most enjoyable nights for Fashion! Where else would i be but back in my city of NYC for the second year in a row! And can I say it just KEEPS getting better EVERY year! Free drinks, DJ's , Celebrities (Pharrell, Olivia, Tyler the Creator(which was INTENSE broke the cab window and everything did not even get out the car smh), Kim Kardashian, and more), the outfits, the swag, the atmosphere!!
I did not take a lot of pictures like I wanted but it is a good amount! And I was not feeling like myself that day so no pictures of me either sorry guys! 

Betsey Johnson of course was a major stop! From the clothes, to the free yogurt and drinks! And the Female DJ being an absolute BEAUTY! Def my favorite spot for the night! As you may or may not know this is one of my MAJOR career goals! I love everything BETSEY!

Oh yeah thats just my sister with my future brother in law ;)

Last year I purchased a bag and a FNO shirt so this year my sister treated me to a Billionare Boys Club FNO special edition tank. 

-Flight Jacket given by Right Hand Man && Leggings H&M

I did like this years FNO logo better however!

So many stylish people! I could not grab them all but I did snag a few!

Her turban is LIFE!

They did free hair and makeup too! With Live Models in the Window!

My weakness for bowties never fails!


Is she not the dopest thing you EVER saw?

Always Remember 9/11

I went to Billonaire Boys Club, Betsey Johnson, Sephora (bottle of Moet,AND custom made lashes!), Addidas, Bloomingdales, and random other designers and boutiques. I loved every minute of it! I will definitely be returning next year and going IN! Spending the ENTIRE day not missing a beat and decking out in my most fabulous gear! I encourage EVERYONE to go! I was stationed in SoHo because it is my favorite neighborhood  but every neighborhood does something and it is a wondeful way to end the summer and kick off Fall Season!

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