Monday, September 12, 2011


September 10th 2011 At Philadelphia University, BRAG PhilaU hosted our first event of the new year. The ReLaunch Party. This event was our kickoff to the new year and new beginnings I must say. We had a live AMAZING band, vendors (jewelry, feather extensions), Food (Pita with Hummus, chicken skewers, quiche, fondu, cupcakes), Networking (Professionals and other students) and most importantly FASHION! The styles on everyone was incredibly fabulous ! For a "Black" Event it was classy, wholesome and fun! Voguing, Cat Walking, Electric Slide and a one big room full of AMBITION! We had an amazing turn out and alot of support and I say this from the bottom of my heart and the tears of happiness how I DEEPLY and GREATLY appreciate everyone that supports us. Our goal is to promote diversity in arts , fashion and culture.

Our lovely logo

Yes we had RED fish to match our BRAG RED color ( yes that is our actualy color lol)

Our founding ladies!! It was an ultimate surprise and pleasure to see them grace us! Inspirational hard working beautiful young ladies!

Feather Extensions - Vendor A

Assorted Jewelry - Vendor B

Give it up for the Class of '14

Class of '13 and '12

MC- Fundraising Chair @Chaquitaabanana

@SkinnyMinority also showed her love and support! BRAG mentor!

@CruzControll and her lovely fam!

Hair- Bow Bun 
Eyelashes- Sephora 
Dress- Wet Seal 
Shoes- JC Lita
Earrings- Pnk Elephant

Tresurer @love_pinck

Shoe Game CRAY

MMM yummmy!

Event Coordinator / PR @Simone_Shanise

Co-Secretary @A_Payme

Cause we like to parrttayyyy!!

I love this pic!

Too cute!!

Snapback back! 

Its electric!

PRESIDENT @chasefranco

Foxy Ladies Rock that BRAG RED

My twitter photography buddy!!

Sister Love too cute !

We have the funniest relationship but I'm so appreciative of little lou's support!

This guy!

This looked awkward so i put it up hahah!


#young #Ambitious #Fashionable #Gogetters

At the end of a success night.. wind down.. and take silly pics!!

.. yeah i didnt like that


...this is what we were looking at vvvvv

Not ok. LOL





No.. YOUR something to BRAG about!

Raybans #swag

Favorite compliments of the night "How did you do  them? I would be so nervous to where them" "She is just Cat. This is Cat. She is a Gwen Stefani meets Madonna meets Cydni Laphurn walked straight out of Material Girl" - Skinny Minority

"Cat. I love you. Only you could pull this off and look amazing! " - Noelani

You are looking at the Vice President !

Thank you all BESOS! 
Stay Tuned! 
We are going to keep giving you something to BRAG about!

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