Thursday, May 26, 2011


 So today i went into Manhattan with my right hand Kadeem ( @fred_r0zay / We are the true definition of cityboy. citygirl. If we aint in our borough of Queens we in the City. Exploring and Spending. We LITERALLY walked ALL over. Stumbled upon some new spots while hitting some of our favorite old ones such as: Flight Club, Rugby, Mood, Rickys.. as well as entertainment =)

I loveeee this posters! I definetly need to invest in a few more! Esp. Wonder Woman  & Wine ;)

In the Mandees Dressing Room. Bought cheetah sandal, Love off shoulder shirt, cheetah clutch & socks =)

 Coolin off at 'McCafe' Who knew McDonalds could be so 'Classy?' lOL
He was staring at the boys/men playing pokemon INTENSIVELY, and it was like 8 of them smh.

 ----We stumbled upon an vintage record store. Although I do have a record player, i LOVE record album covers, I actually own about 5 that I use as wall decorations. Might stop by to pick up some classics..

I love Hendrix & i LOVE how we match lOl.
Classic. Love. AudreyHepburn. BreakfastatTiffany

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Kings Own. Rugby

Debating getting this Blazer during there sale this weekend.

Coconut AND Mango?! Two obsessions fused into one! 

Union Square. Normal.

Had to flick the cop flicking the entertainment lol

Outfit Recap.
Headband - Fabric Store $5
Aviators- $10 
Owl Necklace - $5 Forever21
Belt- Thrift. Buffalo Exchange $8 
Maxi Dress - $9 Forever 21 
Sandals - Bakers $30
Bag- $14 Forever 21
Earrings- $6 Afaze
Bangles- 2 for $8 Charlotte Russe
First Flight CLub Stop. This Shop was smaller but also had Jerseys, Jackets, and Sweatshirts. It was sort of like Thrift Finds, Alot of their stuff was pretty dope and very unique. Definitely going to be coping something before the summer is over. Although it is all MENS, Cop a small and make it work. Already saw some pieces I could change up. Very "Underground Urban" 


I love color. I love neon. I love bright. I love CRAZY eyelashes ( I decided to stop wearing fake ones and work on my own so I can be completely #teamnatural but I like the crazy designs)

 Never knew this store existed!
In the 2nd Flight Club. Both stores have NO SIGNS. So you just have to know. It is truly a sneakerheads haven. I'm convinced. lOl. Those Addidas however? DIVINE!
Third row from the Left. Fifth from Bottom. I want.

There was so many other things I wanted to capture but i do not have the proper camera for it. I even saw a girl with both her sides shaven but with a cheetah print design.. IN HER HAIR! 
My Righty stated today "I be reading your blog. you LOVE taking pictures" 
It meant alot that he is even checking my blog, but it was also cool how he noticed my interest in images. 
It just clarified more of the reason why I need my "Cat needs a Cam" Fund. I can NOT wait until me and my dad are going to be ready to make that purchase. I will be a photo junkie. 
Heres a video if youd like to see the 'entertainment' we ran into on union square lol 


  1. Such a great post! You have a fab blog :)

  2. omd thank you dahling!! I love your blog as well! It is fresh and amazing! I love your thrift finds! =)