Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Quest to be Natural

I have been asked alot about my recent decision to go back to my roots and rock out with my Natural Hair. 
So here goes the answer to the question...it is more than one 
  1.   Healthy - My hair like any other that decided to fall victim to the white crack we call a relaxer or perm is damaged, and weakened. On top of that my sensitive scalp could not handle perms and constantly being burned 
  2. I stopped perming my hair a year ago, and to get/keep it straight a lot of heat was being used too frequently adding to the damage and taking a lot of time 
  3. Money. Perming , wash and sets.. their not cheap and they are quite frequent 
  4. Bored. Straight hair is effortless, fun, sexy and easy. But I get bored very easily. And straight hair is boring plain and simple. 
  5. Abroad. I am hopefully going Abroad in the next spring semester. In Italy where am I getting my hair done? ..Who feels like traveling with a blow dryer and flat iron and hoping the converter works? Not I.
  6. Natural Beauty. These girls rocking these weaves and thinking their "Bad Bxtches" are starting to kill me. How are you a BAD bxtch if you cant or do not know how to rock what is yours? Granted not every case is the same, some people NEED it, others just like to have fun but most just try to look like Beyonce and thats just FAKE and i need to be REAL and look it as well. 
  7. Going against the hype, Being natural is not easy nor typical. Alot of people do not even think of it or suggest it, Men tend to overlook it. But if you can not accept or appreciate the hell i am giving you some of my time for ?!
  8. Personality. My style has been called original  , funky, wild, free spirited and fun. So should my hair. Just big bold and beautiful =)  
It is mine. My beautiful BI-RACIAL curls. It is time I go back to appreciating the twisted gift my parents blessed me with on my head.

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