Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunmer Summer Time

Time to sit back and Unwind..

Heres my summer plans && goals
  • Im going to be back in NYC yes so stop asking. You know my city is DOPE 
  • Going NATURALL! Which means ill be jumping in my pool more frequently. 
  • I have an internship and three line up interviews 
  • Buy my new ipod, and CAMERA so i can capture any and everything
  • Purchase my make up kit as well as other essentials
  • Go to Virginia Beach for a few days with real friends 
  • New Orleans sister trip
  • Possible visit to my diary in Vermont 
  • Beach once a week 
  • More cook outs 
  • Thrift more 
  • Do things ive never done or bring alot of 'culture' and adventure 
  • !BRAGGG!!
I am now a junior in college. wow.

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