Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My first OFFICIAL Feature :: CHASE FRANCO aka Ms. Diamond Newman 

Who is she ? 

Baltimore Native
Philadelphia University Student 
Professional Communication Major && Art/Design Major 
PhilaU Brag Chapter President 
January 1st 

What describes her? 
iDEA lover 
Image Creator 
Networking Guru 
Fashion Believer 
Goal Pusher 

What does she want to do?

Preserve X Promote Art X Culture X Design with Communication  
Unifying People
What is ChaseFranco? 

No explanation 
"Love the name Franco. Its Urban  "
(She has an UNHEALTHY obsession with Urban men. Preferably Asian. So if you are or if you know any hit this young snazzy gyal up ;) lol )
Chic and Fun 
Belief in "Find what you love and go after it"
FRANCO for "What You Love" because i love it.
Chase(Franco) Chase (What You Love)
Brand. Self Made. 

Where can you find her? 
Journey of her as a young woman being and becoming a young creative young professional 

The reason why she is so dope in my life is because I have had the pleasure of being her fundrasing co-chair for PhilaU Brag Chapter this past semester and during this time I got to learn more about who this ChaseFranco character really is. And shes pretty dope. She is still a college student but she is on her grind, sees what she wants and does not rest until she goes after it and obtains it. I admire her because we have almost the same brain. She is very 'thrifty' and knows the true meaning and art behind being a thrifter and knowing the difference between thrift and vintage. She knows the difference between style, labels and fashion. Shes intrigued by culture, art, adventure, change, experiencing, observing, inhaling and welcoming new and old ideas, images and life in general. She has her random and crazy side that sneaks out here and there and will leave you laughing but will also challenge your mind and thoughts with words spoken and conversations being held. Shes a very powerful and strong minded young woman who believes that college is yes a place to have fun and experience life to the fullest, but it is also the place for us to practice and showcase what we can do. We can sit through class and take the lecture but its how we use what we are taught from now that will determine what we can do and what we want to do. We also have the same career goals and I can see this fitting her perfectly to the T Event Coordinator X Public Relations. This girl is so damn "Mixy" She always says hi to damn near everyone, and can spark up a conversation with a damn stranger and turn them into a contact within 5 minutes. Whats Crazy with the two of us is how some people slithered out of our lives due to our desire to hustle and grind. Some people just want to live the life and others want to make the life. You can not just live the life without working to obtain that life. And she is truly working to obtain the life she wants to achieve and I see nothing stopping her. I am happy we have become closer because sometimes you need business/ friends who share the same passion and goals and can help one achieve them while still enjoying each others company. She is my President and I am her Vice President. The perfect team to compliment each other. Rightee & Lefty. No others words can explain, this girl is Dope City right here <3

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