Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok so I have FINALLY admitted with myself that i have an UNHEALTHY obsession with MensWear which is what started my interest in Retro Style as well as Thrift .. 
I love incorporating menswear pieces in my regular outfits whether it be Cargo Shorts, Snapbackz, BowTies, Belts, Flannels, Button Downs, LetterMens, Old Jeans turned into cutoffs.. I could go on forever.. 

It used to be said that Fashion was a 'Girl' thing, but still to this day I shop with my guy friends and my "other" , and I actually value their input. It's not bias. Men's style has also evolved TREMENDOUSLY throughout the years thanks to straight stylish guys stepping up to the plate. The new "Urban" look is astonishing and inspiring to me. You have that Boy Meets Preppy with Polo and Rugby and Tommy Hilfigers new collections, to a bit edgy with added their own spiel to their unique style. A lot of guys are mixing alot of brands and noname brands that they find in the thrift stores, or just anywhere for that matter. Boys used to dress to impress now their dressing to express... and im digging it.  'Nerds' are definitely in style, and who does not like an educated man, well even if he is not brighter than thee as long as he knows how to dress it to the tee. lol. To meet a man who knows how to dress, urban style preferably, is so much #swag and stamped #dopecity by Monster_Barbi3. 

Heres some examples of what I drool over: 

 Its a Love -N- Fire Fusion.

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