Friday, May 13, 2011

First Products to My Transition

Hey yall i was tooo tired last night to be taking flicks and writing the review so i need my FIRST video blog of the products i bought for my natural hair transition. I purchased all of them at Target, and went a TAD bit crazy and was a wee bit overwhelmed. I will be making another one to give my review and my finishing ordeal.
People keep asking me when and why i decided to go natural 
So here it entire year ago I decided to stop perming my hair, I dreaded when that time came around and my head is so sensitive I always left with a burned scalp. I also wanted to semi-permanent dye my hair and combining the two chemicals would have been a negative mess. I also am (hopefully) going abroad for Spring 2012 and theirs nowhere in Italy where they will be able to tame my main, and I do not plan on bring a blowdryer and flat iron. So this is the perfect time for me to start. Summer is here and I would like to jump in my pool as much as possible, instead of right before I went to get my hair done.
Hope you enjoy feel free to ask any questions or concerns =][=

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