Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Fridays Olde City!

So Olde City, Philadelphia hosts whats called First Fridays and from 5-9 pm all exhibits are open and FREE with give aways, sales, wine, beer, sales, and goodies! Everyone is out on the streets soaking in all the arts and culture, and they share the same space with those selling and showcasing their private and independent talents with art and even fashion. It was incredible to see the mass amount of people that enjoy these festivities! I was very inspired and found / met alot of cool new people and cool new spots and shops. It was such a PRETTY day and this was my FIRST time doing this and i will DEF. be attending more often =)
We went to SMAK PARLOR which is going to become my NEW hot spot! The layout is like a vintage barbie doll house and the pieces are unique and ahmazing! We also saw African American Art, and you can tell from the pieces the different style and meaning and power their Art portrays, as well as a different view into natural beauty. We also saw a Lady who made earrings with REAL FRUIT (Laura bought a snag pair) and a guy who made sculptures out of wire (South Street). Whitney also bought a hand crafted earring, and I was tempted to buy a mini mural! The whole line up was my whole entire personality!  My outfit I finally decided on last minute lol

Tasty way to end the night!
Smak Parlour!

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